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General Membership Meeting MINUTES for November 20, 2015


The new fiscal year for the budget begins October 1st.  L. Smith informs the membership that the only expenses thus far have been food for the general membership meetings and travel expenses for Cindy Lopez to attend a conference.


Article 15

Gary Turner discusses arbitration and explains to the members that the Nov. 10th meeting was postponed to Dec. 17th.  He explains that the COLA has increased to 1.02% and albeit a small difference, it is clearly stated in the contract that the benefits cap should be increased based on COLA.


Maricela Vital suggests that we put an ad in the Daily Breeze to put focus on the Article 15 arbitration. She mentions that maybe that will force the administration to pay attention and comply. G. Turner asks the membership if that is something they would like done.  Further discussion will take place.


AFT Benefits Presentation

Joe Hooper introduces himself and explains that when you join the union you also become a part of CFT (California Federation of Teachers), AFT (American Federation of Teachers), and CIO. He highlights the "pink card"--which is a (more)

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