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Key Documents

Nomination forms for the Union E-Board.

Please note candidates must be ECCE Union members in good standing.

Both Nomination and Proxy forms must be filled out, printed, signed, and turned in to the committee or designee.

Nomination and Election Committee is:

Angela Embry – Admissions & Records  X3428

Mari Baquir  - Student Development   x3455

Derek Warren – Library  X6434

Nomination deadline:

Deadline to submit nomination forms is 4:30 pm Friday, April 26, 2019.  Nominations must be received by deadline.  Late nominations will not be


 ECCE: Financial Statements for the Year ended September 30, 2017


PDF version of the Nomination form:

Word version of the Nomination form

A member in good standing is:

Article III: Membership

Section 4 Any eligible classified employee of the El Camino College District who joins the Union is a member in good standing as soon as the enrollment card is submitted to the Treasurer of the Union, and dues have been deducted from payroll through payroll deduction. Therefore, membership dues will be deducted the first payroll period of the month


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As presented to the membership at meeting 02. 03. 17.


Our Contract


THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into this the 21th of July 2014, by and between EL CAMINO COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT, hereinafter referred to as "District" or "College", and EL CAMINO CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEES, LOCAL 6142, CFT, AFT, AFL-CIO hereinafter referred to as "ECCE".

It is effective from January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2016. 

Click on the phrase "AGREEMENT" to view the pdf version of the document.

Constitution and By Laws

El Camino Classified Employees Constitution and By-Laws